IF?-Moments, moments that go to change everything!  2 simple letters, One word with incredible potential-Life can and is made up of many IF?s…..What IF? we go a different way to work, say hello to that person, ask him out….different things can happen! Start that conversation when you wear the T shirt or grab that tote bag. Choose from BIG IF? or Pocket IF? or grab them both as part of IF? Lifestyles ! Whatever you do, you have some great colours to choose from! Simple affordable, influential fashion for all. IF?Lifestyles is here! We ALL have or have had an IF? moment (past or present).  Visit our gallery at www.iflifestyles.com and see ordinary people share their own IF? Moments.  Got an IF? Moment that you would like to share? Go to our all about IF? at www.iflifestyles.com and find out how!

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